NUMIS med pH 5,5

Product Description

Numis® med pH 5,5 offers a balanced product assortment. The selection of the very mild active ingredient combinations took place according to the latest dermatological knowledge and the special moisturizer Hydrolactol® especially created for this series pampers the skin so caring for it becomes an experience – the skin stays supple and looks fresh and healthy.

Product Details

  • NUMIS med Liquid Cleanser is extremely beneficial on sensitive skin and the 24 hour smoothing effect provides a very special skin care experience.
  • The combination of mild active ingredients ensures the gentle cleansing of even sensitive skin and is therefore recommended for the daily care of soft facial and children's skin
  • The pH5,5 value maintains the natural skin acidity.
  • Contains Hydrolactor which protects the natural hydro-balance, it improves and stabilizes the skin's moisture balance, keeping it resistant and silklly soft
  • Soap and alkali-free

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