Erase Gel Keloid Acne Surgery Scars Remover

Product Description

Erase Gel for Scars Use for scars from various genesis. Treatment gel for softening and Smoothening scars. Convenient and easy to use. Germany Active Ingredient. Allium cepa 12% plus Vitamin E acetate. In Technical Collaboration with BBT GmbH. Germany.

Product Details

  • Erase® Gel for Scars exerts a softening and smoothening effect on the scar tissue from various genesis.
  • Erase® Gel for Scars also promotes the hydration (water-binding capacity) of the hardened tissue thus affecting the swelling and therefore, a relaxation of the scars.
  • Allium cepa and Allantoin support this softening and smoothening effect.

Packaging: 5 and 15 g. gel

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